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The Vaal River, South Africa’s longest river after the Orange, is a key water source for the country.

Its source is at Klipkapstel in Mpumalanga from where it flows to Douglas in the Northern Cape. Here it meets the mighty Orange River, which flows west into the Atlantic Ocean at Alexander Bay.

The Vaal River, meaning ‘drab’ or ‘dull’ in Dutch because of its brown-grey colour, is divided into three catchment areas – the Upper Vaal, Middle Vaal and the Lower Vaal.

The Vaal Dam, near Vereeniging, has an 880km shoreline spanning 3 provinces, and is a favourite water sports playground offering canoeing, paddle-boating, power-boating, jet- skiing, and fishing, among other water sports.


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Sharpeville is an informal settlement (or township) in Gauteng that has a massive relevance in the history and heritage of South Africa. This was the site of a tragic massacre on 21 March 1960, when 69 peaceful protestors were killed and 180 others were injured at the hands of policemen that opened fire unnecessarily. This put Sharpeville on the map, as the whole of South Africa, and eventually the world, cried out in revolt.


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