BEDWORTHPARK GUEST HOUSE acknowledges and recognizes our employees and customers as the most valuable asset of the company. It is management's responsibility to facilitate and cultivate participative safety structures whereby all employees and customers acknowledge and value their safety.

BEDWORTHPARK GUEST HOUSE considers the quality of our service of prime importance in achieving any success. A quality service can only be provided with effective: Planning, Quality Control, Customer feedback

All rooms are uniquely decorated with a fusion of color, style and texture and these luxurious rooms are non-smoking areas. The beds are covered with beautiful quality with linens. The rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities.

The Guesthouse prides itself on superb excellence in service, and upholds high hospitality standards. The rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities. For your convenience a TV with Satellite channels, fridge, kitchen sink, advanced digital microwave as well as cupboard installed in each room.



The vision of BEDWORTHPARK GEUST HOUSE, is to be the "acknowledged leader" in providing the best services and accommodation at the right prices that is characterized by the following: skilled and experienced staff.


To be a leading accommodation and transport service provider nationwide, by prodding a professional and integrated services,


We maintain the following values as being of par mount importance to achieve our mission: Delivery of a professional and effective service.


BEDWORTHPARK GUEST HOUSE acknowledge the contribution and value of our staff. The company also accepts the responsibility it has in addressing the needs and issues at stake present in society. Our policy is to: Acknowledge, recognize and reward the contribution of our staff.